Saturday, August 31, 2013

A logo for the OpenRoyalties idea...

Just playing around the idea for a “logo” for the OpenRoyalties… after 3 sketches I did one that may be useful...

Here is the a quick “about”, for the open_royalties_logo_3 (draft 3 below).

The arch is in the same style as in the Open Source and Open Hardware logos.

Text Font Name: Ubuntu, meaning “elevating humankind to a higher level by means of behavior”

The “=” (equal sign) stands for “treat others designs the equal way you want others to treat your own design”, which in turn is the Maker’s version of ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’.

The idea here is to promote growth, which should be the natural way to think about good designs, and the goal is to “attach” this factor to every design we can do, so others can benefit from it and at the same time cooperate with its growth, and on the opposite side we can use others people designs and kickback authors, helping to promote the design growth.

The stronger the design (from others) I am using inside my product/service, the strong my own product/service can be, so paying royalties “works for my product” as a consequence.

Personally, I believe it is a POWERFUL mechanism to achieve growth and reliability into products/services, by adopting STRONG and RELIABLE designs when building (Making) something, and the open royalties mechanism can help to achieve this level of designs.

Also, it is crucial to have a CLEAR and TRANSPARENT relationship between cooperating designs, otherwise the resulting product (of the relationship) will tend to be somewhat artificial and short lived.

Finally, “why use others people design instead of doing it yourself?”, can be a great question… and I already have an answer to this question but it is another subject and will make the text too much long if I try to write it here, so, I just like to say that by “cooperating work” we can achieve, TODAY, END RESULTS much more powerful and reliable than we can, ourselves, achieve alone tomorrow...

If you want a copy or may want to try to improve, feel free to get your own copy on the following links...

[get your copy here, gDrive - share URL logo_1]

[get your copy here, gDrive - share URL logo_2]

[get your copy here, gDrive - share URL logo_3]

draft 1
 draft 2
 draft 3 (a temporary "logo" for the idea of OpenRoyalties)

Tindie is already working with the concept (, and I hope people can understand its power and start using it...

Disclosure: this is not any kind of "official proposition" for the logo, I just like the idea and want a symbol to use when talking about it.... I did it because the idea of OpenRoyalties will be playing an important role inside the project I am doing, the Molec Project (, and I want a picture to use when talking about it...

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